LOTO Marina Boat Ramp at Lake of the Ozarks

At LOTO Marina, we want you to be able to spend time boating on the Lake of the Ozarks or fishing in your favorite spot instead of trying to find a good place to launch your boat. There aren’t as many boat ramps at Lake of the Ozarks as one would expect. So, we make it easy to get your boat in the water or to start that fishing trip you’re here to enjoy.

We hope you’ll stay with us and make LOTO Marina your boating access point. And even if you launch your boat from another boat ramp, be sure to keep our info handy for emergency purposes when you’re out boating. Should you experience a breakdown far from where you launched your boat, it’s good to know where there is a boat ramp close to you. Plus, you may be able to significantly reduce the towing fees for your boat if you can use a nearby access point to load your boat out.

So if you’re coming to the Rocky Mount area, instead of searching for a boat ramp near me, just come on down to LOTO Marina, check into one of our rentals, and enjoy launching your boat at no cost! Grab some beer and ice or lake inflatables, and enjoy a great day on the Lake! Or, if you would like to rent a boat slip, we can help with that, too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our boat ramp and trailer storage are for members and rental guests only. They are no longer open to the general public.

Some Courtesy Tips on How to Use a Boat Ramp Efficiently

To make the best use of any boat ramp, here are some helpful tips that will make launching and trailering your boat go more smoothly for you and for others.

  • Be sure to first perform all the prep work for launching your boat in the staging area, away from the ramp where other LOTO boaters are putting in and taking out boats.
  • When it’s your turn, launch your boat quickly and proficiently. It’s good to practice at lesser-used ramps on quiet days if you’re unsure of how to manage your launch. When possible, have others help you. This will make the process go more smoothly.
  • Once your boat is off of your trailer, don’t remain on the ramp. Promptly leave the ramp and move to the parking area.
  • When preparing to trailer your boat, tie up your boat away from the launch area. A courtesy dock is very helpful for this. Then pull your trailer in place on the boat ramp.
  • Load the boat on your trailer. Use your engine to make sure the bow of the boat is completely up to the winch at the front of the trailer. If you have someone helping, they can pull the boat up off the ramp as soon as you are securely on the trailer. Proceed to the staging area to finish unloading and securing your boat and trailer. (Note: If you have a large vessel you may need to fasten the winch at the bow of your boat before pulling off the ramp.)

Following these simple tips will help everyone have a better experience when boaters know how to use boat ramps efficiently.

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